Construction Management Services

John Barry & Associates oversees both the leasehold improvements within a current building as well as ground-up development. In all cases, JBA supports the efforts of the general contractor that is selected by the client with JBA’s input and direction.

One of the first things JBA does is assess any facility that a client is considering as their “home”. Each building has its unique characteristics that have a definitive effect on the cost to occupy. For example, one facility may have 10,000 square foot office that is already built out and requires some “tweaking” to meet the client’s requirement. Another building being considered may only have 5,000 square foot of office which will require an additional 5,000 square foot build out. This second facility may require an investment of over $300,000 more than the first example.

Once a facility is selected, JBA looks to identify the exact office, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, and other functions required within the space. Once this is defined, JBA develops a budget to support the construction plan.

The construction process can take as long as 6-8 months for a ground up project and as little as 3-4 weeks for small leasehold improvements. In all cases, JBA looks to support the management and the completion of the construction in a disciplined, well organized fashion. This requires the utilization of multiple JBA tools, reports, schedules, trackers, and other tools to drive to the construction completion.

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