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Management Services in Electronics Industry

Symbol Technologies

Size: 280,000 square foot office, distribution, and complex electronic manufacturing center producing barcode reading devices

Project Description: Symbol consolidated their West Coast manufacturing center into a new 280,000 square foot state-of-the-art processing operation in New Jersey. JBA completed the facility requirement definition and block and detailed layouts of this complex electronic manufacturing and assembly facility.

Relevant: Symbol added over 15% productivity to each department within the consolidation while increasing throughput and efficiency by over 20%.


  • This JBA project added dramatically to the real estate within Symbol Technology while driving manufacturing enhancements throughout.

Ducommun Technologies

Size: 120,000 square foot electronic manufacturing and assembly operation, over 35,000 square feet of office reengineering.

Project Description: JBA has completed multiple facility projects for Ducommun Technologies. The most recent was a laser manufacturing operation to produce their aerospace and other military vehicle panels.

Relevant:  JBA’s projects have added over 20% space utilization to the multiple departments. Supported the consolidation of the multiple Southern California facilities into the single highly efficient Carson manufacturing center.


  • JBA’s laser project supported the design of the state of the art manufacturing center that dramatically increased productivity throughout.

Lens Technology International

Size: Lens Technology International (LTI) was purchased by SDC of Irvine, CA. They consolidated 40,000 square feet of advanced chemical processing and manufacturing within their Irvine center.

Project Description: JBA supported LTI on their Eminent Domain program. They were forced off the 5 freeway after operating in the same location for many years. JBA supported the project with a solid facility requirement definition, budget, schedule, Caltrans communication program and an overall project management and construction supervision effort.

Relevant: During the completion of the project, LTI was sold to SDC. This allowed for dramatic improvement in space and process advancement. JBA supported dramatic synergy in the consolidation of LTI and SDC.


  • This project increased space utilization by over 20% and process productivity by over 15% within the new environment.

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