Facilities Design & Engineering

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JBA supports the design and engineering of manufacturers, distribution organizations and other complex facilities. We follow a proven discipline approach in documentation of the facility requirements and focus on solid measureable improvements that can be considered during the reengineering and/or relocation effort. JBA works closely with the client in documenting current facilities and operation and often will leverage material handling and automation specialists where a solid return on investment may be enjoyed. The documentation of the current activities forms a solid foundation for improvement.

Our team leverages over 200 years of facility planning and industrial engineering in this design and reengineering effort.

In many cases, JBA borrows best practices from like industries and in others we borrow advancements that have been created in other industries. Clients enjoy the opportunity to look at a “fresh sheet of paper” where they can evaluate small, medium and large advancements. JBA carefully examines each dollar of investment in material handling and automation to ensure that the client enjoys a high return on investment. JBA often finds that our team and experienced client and personnel can bring outstanding improvement through brainstorming process.

JBA looks to vendors that have supported like projects to gain additional value from their input.  JBA has completed several hundred facilities worldwide. We bring a breadth of knowledge and a focus on results.

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