Facility Construction Supervision

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Facility Construction Supervision

JBA supports the construction of heavy leasehold improvements and ground up industrial and office space construction. In most cases we act as an “owner’s representative” working between the owner and the general contractor. This allows the owner to stay focused on their business while JBA leverages its extensive construction management expertise.

JBA oversees the construction schedule, vendor coordination, construction budget management and the overall supervision of all vendors supporting the building and/or leasehold improvement effort.

We have supported both ground up and major leasehold improvements activity for over 30 million square feet worldwide. JBA’s team has worked on both tilt up and metal fabricated industrial buildings.

The success of any construction project comes from a detailed plan and a major follow up effort. JBA’s team of engineers and project managers develop a detailed construction plan with the client, architect, engineers, specialists and general contractor to ensure that all details are planned and executed in a proactive fashion.

Due to the fact that JBA is often building a complex facility that many general contractors have not built in the past, our industry specific construction supervision and management experience is frequently critical to project success.

JBA is active in the selection of the general contractor in a fashion that supports a fast track construction plan. For example, if we are building a large building, we will lean toward general contractors that have built multiple similar facilities. If we are managing a small leasehold project, then we can lean toward a smaller general contractor that specializes in this size and type of project. The selection of an architect also plays a crucial role in the construction support effort.

The challenges in many complex construction projects involve coordinating multiple vendors that must work in parallel to support the construction schedule and process. With this in mind, we often encourage that a proven team of architects, engineers, and general contractors that have completed multiple projects together be seriously considered.

In JBA projects, clients make all of the final designs and decisions on all investments. JBA supports the development of Request for Proposals for all construction activity to assist in building the required facilities while keeping a keen eye on cost control.

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