Facility Planning

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Facility Planning

John Barry & Associates supports office, manufacturing, distribution, lab and many other types of facility operations. Our approach to facility planning is to study your current operation and document each of your important departments. The key focus is to “Improve While you Move”. With this in mind the JBA team leverages its hundreds of years of collective experience to identify areas where we can improve process flow and space utilization in all of your departments.

Due to the wide range of industries JBA has served for over 60 years we have a wealth of “lessons learned” that can be utilized within your new plan.  All designs are yours, but we find our clients like to look “outside the box”, seeing their new facility as a “clean sheet of paper” in defining their ideal facility plan.

JBA’s team listens very carefully to your input and direction. We use proven interview questionnaires, reports, and charts to embrace your priorities and to “co-author” your ideal space.

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