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Many clients find that JBA’s expertise in improving personal performance adds to the value of JBA’s industrial engineering facility design efforts. You might say that the first step is to develop the layout or tool and the next logical step is to train and motivate the team to maximize the utilization of the tool.

Whether you are expanding or downsizing your manufacturing or distribution center JBA's team of engineers and MBAs can support your reengineering and improvement effort.

In a changing economy some JBA clients are looking at increasing volume within a controlled environment while others are looking to reduce their facility cost to match a reduction in current year volume. In both cases JBA uses industrial engineering and facility planning tools to maximize your profitability.

Manufacturing organizations, leading real estate corporations and landlords all turn to JBA for solid facility planning and reengineering.

In a changing economy all parties must be assessing the current market and driving their business in a productive fashion.

JBA has a team of over 100 years of business and manufacturing experience to leverage. JBA has an “eye” for productivity. We often will borrow from past clients within the same industry or in other industries to design the ideal layout and to develop the ideal methods for the team to follow.


Bob Barry and the JBA team are extremely effective at teaching. Over the last 50 plus years JBA’s team has trained thousands of owners, managers and team members in all facets of business, marketing, manufacturing, supervision, etc. JBA has proprietary reports, manuals and software that support this education process.

Lean Six-Sigma Training

JBA’s team supports our valued clients with a solid understanding and hands on experience in implementing the best practices of Lean Manufacturing Training and Six Sigma methodologies. You will find JBA’s team to be extremely effective at evaluating a process and defining solid improvements in a proactive and cost effective manner.

Move Management & International Relocation

Move ManagmentJohn Barry and Associates has performed its work in every state and in many countries around the world.

JBA has supported clients with international relocation in Canada, Mexico, Australia, South America, Europe and the Orient.

JBA has extensive experience in supporting US manufacturers moving to Mexico.

Many clients that have considered a move to Mexico find JBA’s engineering approach to assessing the true opportunity and challenges to be very effective. JBA’s team has traveled to all the major industrial centers in Mexico and has current data on issues such as:

  • Labor costs
  • Facility lease costs
  • Power costs
  • Transportation costs
  • Duties and tariffs
  • Supply chain support
  • Cultural issues

JBA customizes its International Relocation Support Program to meet your exact needs. The normal process is:

  • Initial process assessment within your current facility/facilities
  • Cost analysis comparing all costs operating in the U.S. vs. Mexico
  • Site visits to most logical Mexican cities
  • Coordination with economic development departments within each Mexican city
  • Full cost comparison of all location options
  • Detailed master schedule for relocation
  • Detailed budget covering all costs of disconnect, move, reconnect
  • Facility/leasehold construction supervision
  • Mover/rigger RFP development and negotiation support
  • Relocation supervision
  • Transition/start up support

JBA has excellent connections with the leading real estate brokers serving Mexico as well as many leading shelter organizations that might be considered. JBA purposely is not tied economically to any agency, vendor or contractor. In this way we can “sit directly in your chair” and develop a plan that supports your best interest.

For many U.S. manufacturers Mexico represents an opportunity to save dramatically on direct labor costs. Also, it allows you to put your product in the market right away and in several cases can save your organization in distribution costs vs. your current or future China operation.

JBA is pleased to support your assessment of Mexico, China, South America and all other potential manufacturing sites that you may wish to consider.

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