Industrial Moving Services

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Industrial Moving Services

JBA has completed hundreds of industrial and manufacturing projects since 1954. These projects include heavy manufacturing, plastics manufacturers, medical device organizations, pharmaceuticals, food processing, etc. Each industrial move must be planned to protect the ongoing business. It is critical to define the current state including all manufacturing tools as well as defining all tools and systems to be included within the new improved space.

JBA’s industrial moves include the development of budgets, schedules, migration plans, request for proposals, and heavy onsite move management throughout the critical relocation activities. JBA has supported extremely complex moves. One such move consolidated nine metal fabrication facilities into one. With solid planning and vendor selection this was accomplished over one weekend in a solid fashion.

Your relocation requires a custom approach. Whether you are a plastic manufacturer, metal device distributor or a food processor, you require a different industrial moving plan. In many cases, you may have been located at the same site for many years and you may have multiple new building permit issues and regulatory requirements to meet. With this in mind, we not only have to coordinate disconnection, relocation and connection of your valuable equipment and other assets, but we must integrate multiple specialists within your industrial move plan as well.

When we look at complex industrial moves, we must be extremely sensitive about downtime. We want to minimize downtime so you can continue to process your valued goods. Depending on your equipment and product, you might have complex activities associated with relocation. Some equipment may need repair or special process, some equipment may need specialists to fly in and support the effort and in some cases, you may have to replace equipment that either does not meet your production requirements or involves an impractical expense for retrofitting. JBA studies in great detail your industrial moving requirements and brings in the appropriate specialists to support your company and industry requirements.

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