Industrial Space Planning

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Industrial Space Planning

JBA’s team of engineers, MBAs and project managers have a wealth of experience in improving productivity in industrial engineering best practices. JBA’s extensive expertise in both your industry as well as many others will bring best practices to the table. We look very carefully at workstation design, productivity tools, material handling systems, and other advancements to support your focus on “Improve While You Move”. There is a wonderful opportunity in leveraging your team’s best practices with JBA’s best practices. The client always makes the final decision, but the process always bring great results.

Many clients find that this industrial engineering space planning effort provides value in both the office and production environments. JBA looks at all activities as a process, with this in mind, we first develop the modules that cover the required square feet and configuration of each department and then look at the key adjacencies and the process flow advancements that can be enjoyed within the new space.

JBA develops the industrial space planning on AutoCAD which allows all parties to participate in the evaluation and evolution of the layout. We meet with the client multiple times and showcase the layout with the input of all team members. We do look to define the approximate cost associated each of the different industrial engineering advancements recommended.

The beauty of AutoCAD is that it allows full flexibility to try different departmental configurations and flow before finalizing the optimal design.

Clients benefit from JBA’s extensive expertise in industrial engineering and space planning. Our goal is to open up the discussions and conceptualize layouts to be considered. The client always makes the final decision, but the industrial space planning often brings to the surface new methods, procedures and systems.

What makes JBA unique is that we have designed millions of square feet of manufacturing and processing space within many industries. The value of our extensive experience is seen in a major way throughout the layout development.

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