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Designing a New Distribution Center Efficient Manufacturing Layout

Quality Aluminum Forge:

Size: Quality Aluminum Forge is building a 41,000 square foot manufacturing facility to produce aluminum parts.

Project description: John Barry & Associates completed a facility requirement definition, block layout and detailed manufacturing layout to consolidate multiple QAF facilities under one state of the art building.

Relevant: JBA worked with QAF to select the architect, engineers and general contractor to support the development of a build-to-suit facility in Orange, California. This involves heavy electric, plumbing, pit construction, material handling and advanced manufacturing tools.  QAF looks to speed the manufacturing process, improve quality and enhance overall productivity within this new facility.


  • Increase productivity of space, process, procedure and methods throughout the QAF operation.
  • This new design will add flexibility for added growth through pre planned new press locations and appropriate support equipment throughout. 
  • QAF will save 15% of productive labor or more within the new operation.
  • JBA’s competitive bid process assisted in saving over 20% on racking, rigging, cabling, furniture and other key vendors supporting the QAF program. 
  • JBA’s scheduling and project management support saved QAF several months in the planning and construction process.

Mole Richardson:

Size: Mole Richardson has reengineered and added a new 10,000 square foot office/museum to an 180,000 square foot distribution center.

Project Description: Mole Richardson consolidated 6 buildings in Hollywood within one expanded facility in Pacoima, California. JBA completed the facility requirement definition, block layout, detailed layout and coordinated all architects, engineers and contractors. This brought together all manufacturing and distribution functions under one roof.

Relevant: Mole Richardson consolidation project provided a major advancement in real estate transaction that supported the full consolidation. JBA’s support included master planning, project management, construction management and migration support.


  • JBA’s program saved over 15% on overall construction costs.
  • The new JBA/Mole Richardson layout added over 20% to space utilization while reducing labor costs by over 10%.
  • The new operation will reduce the costs of supervision, material handling, inventory, and overall labor.

Eco Integrated Technologies:

Size: Eco Integrated Technologies (EIT) is reengineering a multiple building campus that represents over 500,000 square foot.

Project Description: Eco Integrated Technologies turns used tires, food waste and other waste into carbon and diesel fuel. This project involves the development of a processing center, packaging facility and distribution center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This project involves a heavy amount of utility distribution, material handling tools, and a keen focus on process flow enhancement.

Relevant: JBA’s effort is supporting the overall site plan, railroad car receiving and downloading process, multiple processing centers and advanced distribution center design. Due to the multiple feedstock options, this operation must also be flexible as well as productive.


  • This new Eco Integrated Technologies operation will produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of carbon and thousands of gallons of diesel fuel through the processing of waste.
  • This is not only a green operation, but one that turns unwanted used tires and waste products into carbon and diesel that can fuel the U.S. economy.
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