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Facility Planning - Distribution: John Barry and Associates has designed over 30 million square feet of distribution center space worldwide. These distribution operations have ranged from 500 square feet to over 1 million square feet. In each case, the valued JBA client had the opportunity to improve their space utilization, process flow, stocking and picking procedures and their overall accuracy and productivity.

JBA’s engineers and project managers initially focus on the current state documentation. This involves documenting the current space, racking, material handling tools and inventory. Through this initial process JBA forms a solid foundation for advancements.

Following the completion of the current state documentation JBA defines all small, medium and large opportunities for improvement. During this phase, we will often leverage the client’s expertise, the JBA team’s expertise and input of two or more material handling firms. From this collaboration we identify the best practices and solutions for client consideration.

Once the client has identified the advancements they wish to embrace within the new space, we develop the block and detailed layout of AutoCAD.  The development of the ideal layout involves several revisions that bring the best ideas to paper. After the final layout is completed and approved including all racking, conveyors, material handling systems and detailed workstation we obtain competitive bids from two or more material handling vendors. Upon vendor selection, JBA assists in the managing and coordinating execution of the project. JBA is active at both facilities, existing and new during planning, construction and relocation. We support a “seamless transition”.

JBA’s approach to distribution advancements encompasses the layout, racking, material handling tools, as well as the development of engineered method procedures and time standards. This JBA turnkey approach to distribution advancements has brought major improvements to large and small companies.

The key benefits that you will enjoy from JBA’s services within the distribution center area include:

  • Improved space utilization
  • Solid measurable savings in all racking, material handling and other vendors that JBA coordinates within your new distribution center
  • Improved quality and speed of receiving, stocking, picking, assembly, packing and shipping
  • Improved comfort of your team members during the planning and execution phases of your reengineering and relocation effort

Facility Planning- Manufacturing: JBA’s team of engineers and project managers have designed and relocated millions of square feet of manufacturing space worldwide. Some of these manufacturing operations have included simple metal fabrication to highly sophisticated electronics and complex assembly facilities. In each case, JBA’s focus is improvement. We leverage our expertise in assessing and analyzing the current equipment, layout and process. We are trained in identifying small, medium and large opportunities for advancement.

Many clients are pleased that JBA not only has experience within their field, but often brings additional value through manufacturing and reengineering advancements discovered within other industries. In all manufacturing reengineering projects, JBA finds that the best solutions come from the synergy formed between JBA and the client’s team.

JBA completes an initial manufacturing facility requirement definition study that defines the ideal facility to build or retrofit. Once the facility is identified and approved by the clients, JBA does a block and detailed layout. The block layout identifies the ideal size and configuration of each manufacturing and support department and identifies the ideal adjacencies to support the best production flow. Heavy communication with the client supports the development of the detailed layout including all equipment, workstations and advanced process design.

JBA always looks to leverage its extensive manufacturing experience with a common sense approach to include tools and systems that drive a solid advancement and a fast return on investment. JBA’s team listens very closely to our clients. This supports a high level of communication from concept to completion. We have developed a network of manufacturing experts and vendors that bring great value to each project. JBA’s team brings a wealth of manufacturing knowledge with a keen focus on customer satisfaction to each project.

The best manufacturing operations have built in flexibility for growth and adjustments in product mix. The key is to look at the “blank sheet of paper” in a positive, proactive and practical way. For example, on the largest pieces of equipment in your operation, we must be extremely critical of the placement within your current or new building. We must allow for the appropriate space of flow of goods in and out of each manufacturing work center or cell and appropriate space allocations for completed parts or assemblies. In many cases, we will use standard material handling tools early in the process, but we will have “layers” on the CAD drawings showcasing advanced material handling tools that can be implemented as volume and return on investment warrant.

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