Manufacturing Process Improvement

Manufacturing Process Improvement

JBA’s extensive manufacturing experience crosses over many fields. JBA has designed metal, plastic, electronic, wood and many other types of manufacturing operations. Some are relatively simple and others leverage the most sophisticated computerized equipment in manufacturing. In all cases, JBA looks carefully at the current process and identifies how we can improve the layout, workstation, process, methods and systems so clients can enjoy improvement within their current facility or new building. Many clients are extremely pleased with the level of advancement that comes from this process.

We encourage all clients to be open to new ideas and new processes. Each company is presented with opportunities to study their current processes and define small, medium and large opportunities for advancement.

JBA enjoys the development of your current process documentation. It forms the foundation for evaluation and improvement. You may look at the simple nature of unloading a truck or container of boxes and then auditing it to the storage areas. JBA finds there are normally small, medium and large process improvements that can be embraced to dramatically reduce the travel distance, number of times handled, and overall process. This may involve application of a new layout, increased automation or simple adjustments in placement and positioning.

As JBA is documenting your current process, we cannot help but tap into our 60 plus years of industrial engineering expertise. We normally can reduce the labor component by 20% or more through process improvement. JBA uses multiple advanced tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Industrial Engineering Process Documentation, Work Measurement Assessment and other advanced engineering tools to define and implement improvement in space, process and productivity.

JBA’s team works very closely with each level of management within your operation to make sure you enjoy process improvement from JBA and your wonderful in-house team.

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