Mission & History

John Barry

Mission Statement:  The mission of John Barry & Associates is to support our valued clients with professional engineering, facility planning and relocation management consulting.  These efforts involve project management, vendor coordination, construction management and relocation coordination.

JBA’s team of engineers and MBAs possesses vast expertise in manufacturing design, process improvement, automation advancement and overall productivity throughout operations critical in supporting our clients in all facets of advanced productivity.

JBA looks to support advancement throughout our client’s organization in a positive and nurturing fashion. JBA develops a partnering relationship with clients that support their priorities throughout their growth.  JBA forms a synergy with each client focused on innovation and profitability. JBA is your true ally for continuous improvement. JBA is always “looking around the corner” to define the best practices and advancements to drive your success.

History: JBA was founded in 1954 by John Barry in Newport Beach, California. At the time, John was a leading professor at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University in their Engineering and MBA schools.  John Barry and the JBA team have brought their expertise in advanced engineering, state of the art automation design, Lean Manufacturing, distribution, logistics, as well as office systems advancements to small, medium and large companies worldwide.

Bob Barry joined JBA in the mid-70’s and has continued the tradition of excellence. JBA’s team of engineers, MBAs, facility planners, project managers and relocation experts have hundreds of years of collective experience that is leveraged in a positive and productive fashion for our clients.

JBA looks to leverage our more than 60 years of engineering excellence to drive solid measurable results while relying on our strong history of reengineering with the newest systems, tools and programs to achieve the productivity goals of our clients.