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Office Moving Services

JBA has assisted in the planning and orchestrating of millions of square feet of office space, clients range from ten or less employees to several hundred. JBA follows a proven office migration model in planning and executing seamless office relocations. This includes the accurate documentation of the current layout, furniture, workstations and all office assets.

We work closely with the operator of each workstations to identify their requirements in their new office space. In some cases, we are moving a single office to a new single location office and in others, we are consolidating multiple facilities into one. In each case, we are tracking hundreds of assets and multiple vendors to support the effort. These vendors include architects, engineers, furniture suppliers, low voltage cabling firms, security specialists and many others. JBA looks to “simulate” each move step by step throughout the process and provide structure and comfort in each office move.

Many clients are reengineering their office space in a major way. They are often moving from a heavy percentage of office to a heavy mix of workstations and cubicles. This often requires changing their furniture and workstations during a move.

When you are thinking about your office move, you think about furniture and office content. It is also very important to think about the dismantling of your workstations, the relocation of your office components in an organized fashion, and the assembly of these same important workstations in a timely fashion. In many cases, the electrical utility lines and low voltage cabling are integrated into the workstations and cubicles.

The selection of the ideal commercial office mover is critical. Some initially think “a mover is a mover”, but we have found the best movers have a detailed plan, experienced supervisors and movers and have a proactive customer service focus that provides great value. One of JBA’s many skills is vendor selection; it is important to know who to invite as well as whom not to invite.

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