Office Space Planning

Space Planning

When a company grows or evolves, office space often needs to grow too. However, a brick and mortar facility can limit expansion, requiring a more creative, efficient solution. JBA is a space planner that works closely with clients in a wide range of industries to reconfigure office spaces to accommodate changes.

Proven Approach to Office Space Planning

Our team will visit your facility and thoroughly document its current state. Accurate documentation helps us create a clear roadmap that guides the reengineering process. By focusing on measurable improvements, we’re able to ensure that our clients enjoy a healthy return on investment.

Office Space Relocation

In addition to reconfiguring existing spaces, we assist clients who relocate to new spaces. We help our clients optimize new facilities so they can hit the ground running after the move.

Space Planner Offering Custom Solutions

JBA partners with a broad spectrum of specialists who can identify opportunities for upgrades in work station, equipment, furniture and infrastructure and other attributes. Improvements like these can go a long way toward increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

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