Process Improvement

JBA’s background is heavy in industrial engineering and process improvement. JBA focuses on “Improve While You Move”.  In many cases, we look to improve the process of manufacturing, assembly and distribution in a proactive fashion early in the industrial space design.

JBA leverages the use of process planning, tools, process flow documentation, and the detailed evaluation of the improvements that may be considered within the new building.

In some cases, the process flow is a simple movement of a box out of a container onto an adjacent roller conveyor. In other cases, we may have a complex electronic assembly of a high end circuit board. In all cases, JBA is looking for the most logical, effective and price sensitive solution for consideration. In some cases where we are dealing with a fast growing business, we might design the manufacturing space on one layer of the drawing to meet day one requirements and design an entirely different layer to embrace automation and other advancements that might be implemented two to three years later as volume grows.

During our travels internationally, we have had the opportunity of working with a wide range of automation levels; from low level automation to the most sophisticated automatic sortation and other robotic systems. This brings a great deal of value to each client that we evaluate together the appropriate level of automation to support the required volume while controlling costs. With high volume growth, we can “stair step” the implementation of various levels of automation relative to each level of growth.

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