Project Portfolio

Project Goal:

At the front end of each JBA consulting assessment, we meet with the top management team and identify the goals of the project. We start off globally, identifying the high level goal. For example, the high level goal may be to consolidate multiple manufacturing facilities into one state-of-the-art building.

We then drill down into al sub goals such as speeding the throughput by 25%, reducing productive labor expense by 15%, increasing warehouse cubic utilization by 30%, reducing scrap and errors by 35%, etc. Developing the specific goals of the project provides both the client and JBA the specific and numeric requirements and supports the customization of the JBA program. This results in outstanding performance.


JBA is a results-driven organization. The engineering mind set is focused on problem solving. JBA designs, develops, and executes our programs focused on specific results.

JBA communicates heavily throughout each project with the client to drive these specific measurable results.

When we sit down with you, we will listen carefully to your goals and define the JBA plan to meet or exceed these goals.

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