Relocation Management

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When you move your company, there are hundreds if not thousands of details associated with the planning and orchestration of your move. JBA’s clients find that our hands-on, proactive effort in the planning and orchestration of their relocation protects their ongoing business and drives a seamless transition.

JBA’s initial focus is defining exactly which assets and property will be moved. We then look very carefully at the migration of these assets in a sequential fashion that eases the planning and orchestration effort. In many cases, we will number and color code all furniture, equipment and other assets by area and department. We can showcase the current assets in place and illustrate how they will “disappear” from the origin and “reappear” in the destination.

In general, relocations are stressful. JBA’s approach, tools and systems are designed to organize your move and reduce stress. In many cases, we develop an in-house move management team that works closely with JBA.  This team often represents an area or department within the larger operation. JBA uses the approach “train the trainer” to communicate clearly to all team members to ease the relocation program.

JBA understands the critical importance of serving your customers and team members in a positive fashion to plan and execute your important move.

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