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Move Management Services in Apparel Industry


Size: JBA has completed multiple projects for Quiksilver totaling over 250,000 square feet.

Project Description: The majority of the projects have been focused on adding productivity to their manufacturing and distribution facilities. These projects have been completed for Quiksilver, Roxy and other divisions. In many cases, JBA has reengineered current space as well as designing new cutting, assembly, distribution and process operations throughout the Quiksilver system.

Relevant: JBA’s most recent project assisted in identifying the ideal process of cutting, manufacturing and distributing their Roxy women’s swimsuit line. This process needs to be pushed in Southern California and Mexico to leverage the ideal program and overall quality while controlling labor expense.  


  • JBA’s projects have added well over 20% productivity to space, inventory and process.


Size: JBA has completed multiple projects from 50,000 square feet to over 150,000 square feet.

Project Description: JBA’s support has been focused on advanced distribution methods, systems, and procedures. This has included detailed analysis of current process and development of JBA improvement distribution lists and the design of ideal storage, picking, packing and shipping station designs.

Relevant: JBA applied the appropriate level of automation in the 50,000 square foot distribution center and then suggested advanced material handling systems in the new Volcom center to maximize productivity, throughput and completion. This has included narrow aisle forklifts, pick-to-light systems and advanced automated packing systems.


  • Volcom enjoyed dramatic improvement in space and labor productivity. The initial JBA project increased the speed from container to stock by over 50% and supported labor utilization of over 15%.

Ferrari Formalwear

Size: 35,000 square foot dry cleaning and advanced distribution center for the fastest growing tuxedo rental in Australia.

Project Description: JBA, leveraging over 60 years of apparel distribution and dry cleaning expertise, supported the design of a state-of-the-art assembly center to support the Ferrari operation. This project involved the design of a cleaning and pressing area, high pile racking system, industry-specific slick rail design, advanced sewing center and an overall apparel distribution operation.


  • This new center allows Ferrari Formalwear productivity by over 20%
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