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Facilities Design And Engineering

JBA supports the design and engineering of manufacturers, distribution organizations, and other complex facilities. We follow a proven discipline approach in the documentation of the facility requirements while focusing on measurable improvements. JBA works closely with the client in documenting current facilities and operations; including leveraging material handling and automation specialists, where a solid return on investment can be appreciated. Documenting current activities increases the rate of improvement.


In many cases, JBA borrows best practices from like industries. Clients enjoy the opportunity to look at a “fresh sheet of paper” where they can evaluate small, medium and large advancements. JBA carefully examines each dollar of investment through material handling and automation to ensure that the client enjoys a high return on investment. JBA often finds that our team and experienced clientele can bring outstanding improvement through the brainstorming process.



JBA looks to vendors that have supported like projects to gain additional value from their input.  JBA has completed several hundred facilities worldwide. We bring a breadth of knowledge and a focus on results.

Facility Planning

John Barry & Associates supports office, manufacturing, distribution, lab and many other types of facility operations. Our approach to facility planning is to study your current operation and focus to “Improve While you Move”. With this in mind, the JBA team leverages its hundreds of years of collective experience to identify areas where we can improve process flow and space utilization in all of your departments.


Due to the wide range of industries, JBA has served for over 60 years, we have a wealth of “lessons learned” that can be utilized within your new plan.  All designs are yours, but we find our clients like to look “outside the box”, seeing their new facility as a “clean sheet of paper” in defining their ideal facility plan.


Manufacturing/Distribution Design

Facility Planning - Distribution


John Barry and Associates has designed over 30 million square feet of distribution center space worldwide. These distribution operations have ranged from 500 square feet to over 1 million square feet. In each case, the valued JBA client had the opportunity to improve space utilization, process flow, stocking and picking procedures and their overall accuracy and productivity.


Through the initial focus on state documentation, taking note of current space, racking, material handling tools, and inventory, JBA forms a solid foundation for advancements.


Following the completion of the current state documentation, JBA defines all small, medium, and large opportunities for improvement. During this phase, we often leverage the client's experience, our experience, and input of two or more material handling firms. In this collaboration, we identify the best practices and solutions for client consideration.


Once the goal has been identified, we develop a block and detailed layout of AutoCAD .   After the final layout is completed and approved, we obtain competitive bids from two or more material handling vendors. 

Facility Planning - Manufacturing


JBA’s focus is always the improvement. JBA’s team of engineers and project managers have designed and relocated millions of square feet of manufacturing space worldwide, ranging from metal fabrication to highly sophisticated electronic. We leverage our expertise in assessing and analyzing the current equipment, layout, and process. We are trained in identifying small, medium and large opportunities for advancement.


Many clients are pleased that JBA not only has experience within their field but often brings additional value, through manufacturing and re-engineering advancements, discovered within other industries. In all manufacturing re-engineering projects, JBA finds that the best solutions come from the synergy formed between JBA and the client’s team.


JBA’s team listens very closely to our clients.


This supports a high level of communication from concept to completion. We have developed a network of manufacturing experts and vendors that bring great value to each project. JBA’s team brings a wealth of manufacturing knowledge with a keen focus on customer satisfaction to each project.

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