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Size: 80,000 square foot, highly sophisticated clean rooms and labs and 10,000 square feet of office.

Project Description: JBA consolidated multiple facilities into one state of the art office, laboratory, and production facility.


RelevantJBA combined the best practices of industrial engineering, laboratory operations, high-level clean room introduction and overall process enhancement. This state-of-the-art operation supported the creation of synthetic heart valves from pig heart valves. It was also designed to allow doctors full visibility of the manufacturing process, through a series of glass hallways that protected the clean room environment while allowing full visibility.



Size: 140,000 square foot manufacturing, testing, warehouse space in San Jose, California.

Project Description: JBA worked closely with the AMO team in defining the facility requirements, block layout, detailed layout and overall process advancement in a consolidated facility.


RelevantAMO was extremely pleased with JBA’s industrial engineering approach that resulted in an increase of over 10% in productive labor efficiency, 30% increase in warehouse space utilization and a 15% increase in throughput.




Size: 120,000 square foot manufacturing and bottling operation .


Project DescriptionTeva, an international pharmaceutical company, had JBA re-engineer their Irvine, California liquid medication bottling operation.  This is a multi-million dollar clean room and processing center that operates 24 hours a day.


Relevant:  This was an interesting project in that their initial thought was to relocate this manufacturing and bottling operation out of state. We found out it would require a multimillion-dollar disconnect, relocation and connection effort that was deemed unfeasible.



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