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Eminent Domain

California Eminent Domain & Move  Management
Partnering with CA Eminent Domain Lawyers
We work very closely with the client and the eminent domain law firm to support all the requirements and the paperwork details to support the eminent domain process. JBA has been involved in eminent domain programs that are driven by Caltrans, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Southern California Gas. These and other government agencies have been supported by JBA.


Solutions Tailor-Made for You
Each eminent domain client has their own industry-specific and personal challenges to meet. JBA works very closely with the owner and/or operator to support a seamless re-engineering and relocation effort.
Experience and Communication
Due to the major amount of activity that JBA has completed in both California eminent domain and standard company relocation  we have a wealth of knowledge and vendor contacts that can support the overall process. JBA’s extensive expertise supports the communication between the client, eminent domain attorney and the entity forcing the relocation.
JBA understand the challenges that are associated with a forced move. We communicate heavily throughout the planning, design, execution, and startup phases. This supports each client in a results-driven fashion.
JBA supports money coin and clock
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