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construction management

John Barry & Associates oversees both the leasehold improvements within a current building, as well as ground-up development. In all cases, JBA supports the efforts of the general contractor selected by the client with JBA’s input and direction.


One of the first things JBA does is assess any facility that a client is considering as their “home”. Each building has its unique characteristics that have a definitive effect on the cost to occupy.


Once a facility is selected, JBA looks to identify the exact officemanufacturing, assemblydistribution, and other functions required within the space. Once this is defined, JBA develops a budget to support the construction plan.


The construction process can take as long as 6-8 months for a ground-up project and as little as 3-4 weeks for small leasehold improvements. JBA looks to support the management and the completion of the construction in a disciplined, well-organized fashion. This requires the utilization of multiple JBA tools, reports, schedules, trackers, and other tools to drive to the construction completion.

JBA Team taking notes

Facility Construction Supervision

JBA supports the construction of heavy leasehold improvements and grounds up industrial/ office space construction. In most cases, we act as an “owner’s representative” working between the owner and the general contractor; allowing the owner to be focused on their business.


JBA oversees the construction schedule, vendor coordination, construction budget management, and the overall supervision of all vendors supporting the building and/or leasehold improvement effort.


We have supported both grounds up and major leasehold improvements activity for over 30 million square feet worldwide. JBA’s team has worked on both tilt up and metal fabricated industrial buildings.


30 million square feet worldwide


The success of any construction project comes from a detailed plan and a major follow up effort. JBA’s team of engineers and project managers develop a detailed construction plan with the client, architect, engineers, specialists and general contractor to ensure that all details are planned and executed in a proactive fashion.


One of the largest challenges that stem from complex construction projects is the coordination of multiple vendors; with this in mind, we often encourage that a proven team of architects, engineers, and general contractors that have completed multiple projects together be seriously considered.


In JBA projects, clients make all of the final designs and decisions on all investments. JBA supports the development of Request for Proposals for all construction activity to assist in building the required facilities while keeping a keen eye on cost control.

Construction Project Management

Project management is a major part of JBA’s effort.  Our team utilizes proven tools such as Microsoft Project, Google Reports, JBA customized trackers, and migration tools.

JBA understands that effective project management comes from providing the client with the appropriate level of expertise combined with proven construction management tools and reports, tracking the progression of the company.


The JBA team has a collective 200 plus years of experience on multiple levels in project management. Senior project managers and other management team members will be there to assist you through the completion of your project.


Proactive construction project management requires a focus on hundreds of details. This is where the use of JBA’s tracking reports provide a great value. You might think of the JBA tracker as a multi-level “to do list.” It is organized so that all appropriate parties (client, JBA, and vendors) are focused on completing the project by the specified end date. JBA continuously updates the project management tracker and follows up with all appropriate parties.


JBA looks to leverage its 60 plus years of construction project management giving full visibility to you and your team. In many cases, you will have access to the project schedule, project tracker, and all other key construction project management reports throughout the process.


The normal process JBA follows consists of a weekly construction meeting onsite with the general contractor, architect, and other specialists. JBA keeps detailed notes covering all aspects of this meeting, then publishes these notes the day following the construction project meeting. This is another tool that allows all parties to focus on the specific tasks required. This creates a strong foundation for your project and prevents items from “falling through the cracks.” 


Each project differs according to your needs, but JBA finds that the tools described above are proven to be extremely valuable to all parties working towards the completion of your project. JBA customizes our program to drive your schedule, priorities, and improvements while controlling the overall cost.

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