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John Barry & Associates enjoy's working with commercial real estate brokers; extending our move management and consolidation skills. While, helping a range of businesses move into specifically developed facilities, catered to their needs. Our wonderful team comprises engineers, MBAs, facility design experts and project managers to support your effort.

"Improve While You Move"

Moving clients from one location to the next is no easy task. Whether they are signing a new lease, purchasing a space or take their multiple locations to one concise space, John Barry & Associates is there to help every step of the way.

Solutions to Commonly asked questions:

Facility Requirement Definition:

  • How much space do I need for my new location?

  • Is this building too big/small?

  • I don't think I will fit in this building with my projected growth.

  • I don't think this building has all the items I need.


Industrial Engineering Layout

  • I need to rearrange my warehouse to be more efficient.

  • I have no more room but have too much time on my lease.

  • I have grown into the corners.

  • We need another building for our expanding company.​


Automation Requirement  and Design

  • I need to increase capacity.

  • I need to eliminate my labor expenses.

Manufacturing/Distribution Operational Improvements

  • I have too much inventory.

  • It takes too much time to ship an order.

  • I need to get rid of this old stuff.

Equipment/Automation Acquisition and Coordination

  • I plan on buying some new equipment. 

  • I plan on installing some equipment.

Industry Specific Advancement Implementation

  • Do you know about my specific industry?

  • Have you seen a company like mine in this area?

Specialist Coordination

  • I need all vendors to speak the same language.

  • Who do we need to speak to about our plan?

  • Do you know anyone that can help us with _______?

Migration Planning

  • We plan on moving.

  • We need to move these departments into this new building.

  • We are opening a new location.

  • Who can help us with our move?

Industry Experience with Commercial Real Estate Brokers


Medical Device

Food Processing




Metal Fabrication

Furniture Manufacturing







How have we worked with brokers in the past?


We offer commercial real estate brokers the tools they need to help their clients experience the best possible move.

These include:

  • Facility Requirement Definition

  • Move Planning

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Project Management

  • Vendor Selection & Coordination

  • Industry Specific Expertise

  • Manufacturing/Distribution Operational Improvements

  • Equipment/Automation Acquisition and Coordination

  • Industry Specific Advancement Implementation

  • Migration Planning

  • Site Comparison & Analysis

What have we done with their clients?

Our clients appreciate our step-by-step approach to planning and orchestrating their relocation projects. We have worked with almost all major commercial real estate brokerages in Orange County, expanding our 60 plus years of knowledge and experience in facility expansion, consolidation and move management.

How they can trust us? -

who we have worked with, no charge for client recommendation, we are the orchestrator, you are the director, 

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