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Move Management & Productivity Improvement Services – Plastics


Size: 80,000 square foot specialized medical tubing manufacturing

Project Description:  JBA supported the design and consolidation of two leading medical plastic manufacturer within one 80,000 square foot Corona, California facility in a fashion that increased productivity and speed throughout.

Relevant:  This consolidation was orchestrated by a venture capital group that leveraged extensively in-house plastics manufacturing of two original competitors. This increased productivity by over 10%, as well as reducing overall labor costs by over 15%.


  • JBA’s efforts supported major savings in architectural, engineering, construction and relocation costs. JBA also assisted in speeding the process from concept to full consolidation. JBA had a wonderful positive impact on the speed of the permitting process through the City of Corona.


Size:  180,000 square foot advanced plastic injection molding and robotic assisted assembly operation

Project Description:  JBA supported the consolidation of three United States Fluidmaster manufacturing operations to a state of the art industrial facility in Monterey, Mexico. JBA assisted in the facility requirement definition, manufacturing layout, general contractor selection and the overall project management of this multi-million dollar program.

Relevant: JBA’s efforts drove large savings in real estate, construction, and transitional costs. This project allowed Fluidmaster to compete on an international basis while still speeding the product to market due to the geographical location of the United States.

Monterey, Mexico provided additional value in that it has a university that is focused on plastic manufacturing. Many other plastic manufacturers are positioned in Monterey that provided knowledgeable labor to the new Fluidmaster manufacturing operation.


  • The results of this consolidation were outstanding. This relocation supported a reduction of over 65% on direct labor costs, over 20% in real estate costs and a substantial savings in power costs.

Pacific World

Size:  140,000 square foot artificial plastic finger nail manufacturer

Project Description:  JBA supported a consolidation of multiple US operations into one ground up built to suit industrial building in Tijuana, Mexico. JBA completed the facility requirement definition, block layout, detailed layout, vendor selection and overall project and move management effort.

Relevant: This state of the art plastic operation allowed Pacific World to manufacture their high volume artificial finger nails in a low cost arena that is adjacent to their major market-the US. This resulted in solid growth in sales volume.


  • The results were outstanding in this consolidation. They were able to reduce labor costs dramatically while the distributions costs to the customers decreased and the volume increased due to the improvement in speed to market.
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