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Move Management & Productivity Improvement Services – Printing

Delta Printing Solutions

Size: 120,000 square feet of high volume printing

Project Description: JBA was asked to reengineer within a building that had been damaged dramatically by a massive fire. JBA reengineered the entire process flow and equipment layout in a fashion that drove dramatic advancement in productivity and throughput.

Relevant: Due to the fire, Delta was in a position to leverage the equipment that survived, while replacing some of their larger presses with new state-of-the-art printing equipment. This supported dramatic improvement in speed and it offered sophistication in the printing arena that they could provide to their customers.


  • Delta was able to increase their volume by over 30% while reducing their productive labor costs and increased profitability through new advanced levels of printing.

Coyle Reproductions

Size: 85,000 square feet of high volume large scale printing

Project Description:  JBA supported Coyle on their Eminent Domain relocation from La Mirada, California to Brea, California. This included the reengineering of their printing and support processes throughout the operation. JBA supported the project from layout to construction supervision to migration completion.

Relevant: JBA support provided Coyle with outstanding industrial engineering and detailed documentation to support the Caltrans Eminent Domain requirements. Coyle was able to “Improve While They Move”.


  • JBA’s efforts supported the industrial engineering and move management advancements while achieving solid economic support from Caltrans covering both relocation costs and in some cases, equipment replacement costs where relocation was deemed impossible.

Money Mailer

Size: 190,000 square feet of printing, insertion, and distribution space

Project Description: JBA assisted in the consolidation of multiple Money Mailer facilities in Southern California into one state of the art cross-dock operation in Garden Grove, California. JBA completed the facility requirement definition, block layout, detailed layout, vendor selection and coordination, project and construction management and the overall migration program and implementation effort.

Relevant: This JBA project supported Money Mailer in increasing their real estate cost reduction, space utilization, overall printing and processing system advancement and increased volume throughout their different divisions.


  • This JBA project supported the reduction of 15% on productive labor expenses while increasing the volume by over 10%. JBA saved over 10% in overall vendor costs and provided them with an overall advanced processing center.
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