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Alo Yoga

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have those fabulous yoga pants you just “had to order,” shipped directly to you? Ever thought about how retail companies organize the returns they receive in the mail?

Well, wonder no more. John Barry & Associates makes all of that happen. Recently we aligned with the manufacturing and shipping facilities for Bella + Canvas, a leading apparel wholesale, and retail company. They produce Alo Yoga, one of the more famous and highly appreciated ‘sweat to streetwear’ brands.

The John Barry and Associates team provides engineers and process advancement experts to help facilitate the re-engineering project. Our engineers supported the Bella + Canvas team in creating and implementing a design for the new Bella + Canvas distribution center, allowing for a much simpler dissemination of retail product. JBA assisted Bella + Canvas in moving from their “current state” to their “ideal state” while providing outstanding ongoing service to their fast growing market.

Taking this system to the next level for the wholesale company has not only allowed for their company to improve their productive capacity while improving the service level to their clients. This project has helped JBA gain leverage their 60 plus years of experience into an expanding market. We look forward to the work Bella + Canvas will continue to produce within their new facility as well as working with new clients in the apparel market.

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