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John Barry & Associates specializes in helping businesses of all types re-engineer their facilities to work more efficiently by improving space utilization and process flow. In addition, JBA assists businesses with relocation efforts and supports businesses facing eminent domain. Our wonderful team comprises engineers, MBAs, facility design experts and project managers to support your effort.

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'Improve While You Move'

Moving your business is a big endeavor, but it is also a great opportunity to improve the business not only in terms of location, but also in terms of improving the operational flow within your space. JBA has over 40 years of experience helping companies make their relocation efforts a net positive to the business.


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Facilities Design & Engineering

JBA supports the design and engineering of manufacturers, distribution organizations, and other complex facilities. We follow a proven approach fulfilling facility requirements and focus on solid measurable improvements during the re-engineering and/or relocation effort.

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Construction Management

Once a facility is selected, JBA identifies the manufacturingassemblydistribution, and other parties required to collaborate to complete the space. JBA then develops a budget to support the construction plan.


In all cases, JBA supports the management and completion of the project in a disciplined, well-organized fashion.


Relocation Management

When you relocate your company, there are hundreds if not thousands of details associated with the planning and orchestration of your move. JBA’s clients find that our hands-on, proactive effort in the planning and orchestration of their relocation protects their ongoing business and drives a seamless transition.

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Eminent Domain

Moving your business  is stressful enough. When you're facing a forced move as a result of eminent domain, the stress is even more impactful. John Barry & Associates has completed many eminent domain projects throughout California and can assist by incorporating operations efficiency, process improvements, and increased overall project productivity.

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Process Improvement

“Improve While You Move” means looking at the overall picture while focusing on the details involved in process flow. In many cases, we look to improve the process of manufacturing, assembly, and distribution in a proactive fashion early in the industrial space design.


JBA leverages the use of process flow documentation, and the detailed evaluation of the improvements that may be considered within a new building

Let's Talk About Improving While You Move

If your business is considering a move or being forced to move due to eminent domain in the Southern California area, we can provide the planning and guidance necessary to make it successful. 

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